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Photo of local grower Bajwa Farms located in Abbotsford BC


RGR vacuum cools and markets fruit and vegetables from our grower partners. Known in the industry for premium produce, our growers harvest fresh daily for RGR. Product that is harvested and shipped fresh daily plus state of the art vacuum cooling means maximum shelf life and highest quality produce for our customers.

Leafy Vegetables

Romaine Lettuce 24’s May 25 – October
Green Leaf Lettuce 24’s May 25 – October
Red Leaf Lettuce May 28 – October
Kale Green May – October
Kale Red May – October
Kale Black May – October
Methi / Fenugreek May – September

Bunched Vegetables

Bunch Red Beets  June 10 – October
Bunch Carrots  May 25 – November
Bunch Baby Carrots  May 25 – November
Bunch Spinach  May 20 – October
Bunch Broccoli July – October
Bunch / Bulk Leeks  April – December
Bunch Radish  May – September
Cilantro  May – October
Parsley  May 22 – October
Italian Parsley June 10 – Sept 20
Green Onions  June – September

Asian Vegetables

Bok Choy May – October
Sui Choy May – October
Bok Choy Shanghai May – October
Bok Choy Baby May – October
Yu Choy May – October


Dill Weed July – September
Baby Dill May – October
Mint  May – October


Blueberry July – September
Raspberry July – September
Strawberry July – September


Acorn Squash  August – November
Butternut Squash August – November
Banana Squash August – November
Kabocha Squash August – November
Spaghetti Squash  August – November
Pumpkins  September – October
Ornamental Gourds September – October
Zucchini Green  May – October
Zucchini Yellow  June – September


Peppers Green Large  August – October
Peppers Jalapeno August – October
Peppers Serrano August – October
Peppers Ring of Fire August – October

Other Vegetables

Broccoli Crown July – October
Brussels Sprouts September – October
Cauliflower Cello July – October
Cabbage Green May – December
Cabbage Red May – December
Celery Root July – September
Beans Green July – October
Beans Wax July – September
Peas Green June – September
Corn Peaches & Cream  July – September
Cucumbers Slicing  July – September
Cucumbers Dill July – September
Kohlrabi May – October
Onions Silverskin July – August
Rhubarb  April – September
Sugar Pea Tips May – November
Garlic September