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Wholesale Local Vegetables

Local BC produce harvested fresh daily from farms in Abbotsford, Surrey, Delta, and the Fraser Valley.

Berry Plant Roots and Canes

With the recent acquisition of MTP Industries LTD, RGR now wholesales strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry nursery stock and plants.

Vegetable Seeds

Now representing Vesey’s Seed Company, commercial growers can source a full line of vegetable seeds from all seed producers worldwide.

Local BC Produce

Due to the heat we get during the summer, our produce is almost immediately loaded into our vacuum cooling chamber. When harvested, product usually has a pulp temperature of 60-70 degrees. A final temperature of 34 degrees is achieved usually within 1 hour of vacuum cooling, which greatly increases the longevity of the product.

During peak season (June – End of September) we have 30+ commodities available, and they are all local. RGR Produce only handles product from local BC farms. Click the button below to view a list of available product during the season.

Berry Plant Canes and Roots

RGR Produce Sales now offers plant sales. Specializing in strawberry and raspberry plants, berry canes, and rhubarb crowns.

In 2015, RGR Produce Sales acquired MTP Industries from Michael Pohlmann, a longstanding pillar in the agricultural community in Western Canada. Michael continues to work closely with RGR and its customers to provide expert knowledge in the supply of strawberry, raspberry, blackberry plants and canes as well as rhubarb crowns. For information on varieties we offer, click the button below.

Vegetable Seeds

Vesey’s Seed is a Canadian-owned company providing farmers with seed since 1939. Based in York, PEI Veseys offers a wide range of seeds from seed producers worldwide.

Click the button below for more information on Vegetable Seeds.